With his the new CD " A World of Dust & & Matter - Ten Imaginary Beings For The Piano " the german Composer and Piano player  Castiglio presents a new Classical Style and a new name for Piano pieces, he is calling them Imaginary Beings .

So in 2017 he will publish his new CD "  A World  Of Dust And Matter "  Ten Imaginary Beings For The Piano.

He is influenced by Neo-Classics, Impressionism, Expressionismus, Minimal Music, Soundtracks, Electronics, Jazz, Rock/Pop.

What does his music sound like ?

He likes a very natural playing and the the sound of the strings and the pedal. So for his album, he uses a Boesendorfer Imperial with a very warm sound and very good overtones.

He likes to combinate old and new elements. He uses the picture that his pieces have existed for ever and he found them in a sort of way.

So he works with very old greek scales and   uses of  complex rhythm patterns.

He works with many contrasts and a high dynamic range, so one piece could develop from " Minimalism " to

" Maximalism ".